Tabled is a new company that wants to grow. The objective for us was to introduce Tabled to people in Windhoek and Amsterdam.

objective >>


The brand Tabled is charming and cool. They produce beautiful local products and are active in the community. But the market for furniture is not easy. Tabled is not the cheapest around, but the products are one of a kind. We wanted people to get to know the brand and fall in love with the products. We choose a personal approach. Tabled knows all it's customers and creates custom products for everyone of them.

approach >>


For The Win made a strategy for channels and implemented the strategy. We made the website, email newsletter and Google AdWords campaign. For The Win was also present at Inspiration Tables in Windhoek. Tabled has sold a lot of furniture since.

result >>


Tabled creates quality furniture, handmade using sustainable materials. Their designs are made with detail and crafted with attention. There is a standard range of products available, and they make customised products on request.