ngepi camp


Ngepi camp asked us to create a new brochure in the style of Ngepi camp that shows the unique Ngepi feeling

objective >>


Because Ngepi camp is more than a camp, we had to get that special feeling. So we spend a lot of time at the camp. During the process we also connected to Ngepi employees and owner Mark to get all the input and feedback to get the best result.

approach >>


The brochure was printed and will be used soon by Ngepi camp. We will reveal it on this website later.

result >>


Ngepi Camp, situated in the unspoiled upper reaches of the Okavango delta panhandle in the western Caprivi strip, Kavango region, Namibia. With clean Kalahari desert air, the camp is set on an island under amazing trees with permanent river frontage and surrounded by seasonally flooded swamps. It is a paradise of flooded plains and secret swampy backwaters, teaming with wildlife, as we are nestled between Mahango National park, a few km’s to the south, and Bwabwata National Park directly opposite across the river.