Nanofasa asked us to create more awareness for the San people. To help the San, they need donations from supporters and bookings from tourists. For The Win had to come up with a way to help.

objective >>


As Nanofasa is active in many field and projects, it's hard to focus on just one specific goal. As a marketing agency For The Win could focus on a step by step approach to tell the Nanofasa story. Beginning with a campaign and a new online presence.

approach >>


For The Win helped with a strategy session for Nanofasa, creating a campaign called #TakeItOff. This campaign supported Nanofasa and helped to get more awareness for the walk through Namibia. For The Win also created the new website for Nanofasa.

result >>


Nanofasa operates within the traditional area of the Ju/’hoan San or Bushmen (as they are commonly known in Namibia). The San are considered to be the world’s oldest culture, being the first hunters and gatherers, but now live in extreme poverty. They have been forced from their original lands, which are increasingly being used for illegal grazing cattle, leaving the San unable to survive in their traditional lifestyle.